Rope Bridge, Dam dodge, Tarzan Swing, Spider web

Our riverside challenges include crossing a rope bridge, then crossing back on a slippery dam while dodging swinging sandbags, then using a tarzan swing to cross the river one more time.  Then teams can compete slipping through the large spider web without getting caught.


Mud pits

Take the plunge!  Crawl under all the barriers and reach the other side before the competition does.  Then join team members for a rumble for the buko in the mudpit of destiny.


army course

To recall the long-ago days when the EHRC site was an Army outpost, we have a challenging obstacle course that is certain to wear you out!  BTW, our address is still Old Army Road.




Our newly refurbished 42-Meter pool is a relaxation heaven on earth.  But if tired of relaxing, a net is strung across for some exhausting water volleyball!  Then cool off under the waterfall.


POOL mini-pavilions

Want to bring a snack from Terrace Treats and relax with friends?  Mini-pavilions are spaced above and along poolside to provide comfortable small group sitting/meeting areas.



Above the dining hall there are two meeting areas on the second and third floors.  There is also an outside central pavilion.  These halls are all good for 100 attendees.  A pavilion near the team-building area can accommodate 50.



The grass volleyball court near the central pavilion can also double for team games and relay races